Dear everyone,

The reason I started this blog, is because I would like to share my adventures now and then. Being a bellydancer in the Netherlands is not a very common profession. Though for me it’s much more then a profession, it’s a lifestyle. I would like to share my experiences at work but also stuff that has to do with the lifestyle, the results of my decision to become a dancer and make a living out of it.

Often I dance with – and perform for Dutch people. I bring them the spheres of 1001 nights, Aladin, Yamin, the colors, the scent and the sound of the Middle-East. Entering the stage veiled, I disappointed many Dutch men by not turning out being a stripper. For the Arabic people in the Netherlands, which are understandably skeptical about a Dutch dancer being the main act at their traditional dream wedding, I’m doing everything I can to convince them that I’m “like them” – (concerning the music and dance!)

I’ve been living a double life ever since my first bellydance move and I’ve been through lots of funny situations, more then I can mention. From now on I will write them all down and I hope you’ll enjoy!


About Sarah Raks

I am a bellydancer from the Netherlands.
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