Show your parents what it’s all about!

This week I took my parents out in Amsterdam city center, I planned to show them what it’s all about. We went to a blues club which is a nice place where the “youngsters” and the “oldies” enjoy music together.

Although being with my parents, Amsterdam’s nightlife consists of music, dance, drunkenness and lots of men ;-). Some situations can be just normal when I’m out with friends, though in the company of my parents it can turn out rather embarrassing.

While my parents were enjoying a beer at the bar I headed myself towards the restroom and ran into a “Michael Jordan” lookalike – which was a tourist from the States. He was tall, muscular and charming. We had a chat and we danced while he was telling me sweet little lies. After a few songs I finally went to the toilet and when I got back an interesting scene was going on.

My dad was talking to my basketball player and they seemed very amicably. They were laughing, punching one another and making wild gestures while talking like they were best friends for years. It’s always been like that by the way. My parents make new friends all the time, they are way more social then I am. However, I didn’t feel like interrupting in this particular case so I danced to a rock song with my mom. The scene lasted the whole night.

The next day was a sunny one and because my parents slept over we were still together. I decided to join them for a cycling tour through the city. Heading towards Museum Square my dad told me he changed phone numbers with the basketball player because he promised him a guided tour. Five minutes later the enormous afro-american was riding my mothers bike. My parents were cycling ahead, sharing my dad’s bike. I was behind our tourist, trying to prevent him from getting a deadly accident.

After cycling we took a walk through the city center and my dad and the basketball player were talking continually. They had quite a lot in common, for instance their musical taste, their political idea’s and of course their sense of humor. My mom and I were window shopping meanwhile.

At the end of the day we went to the chinese restaurant for a quick dinner and my Michael Jordan lookalike sat opposed to me, while he was telling my dad about economy, oh… and that he is a vegetarian.

I ordered a “Beijing Duck” with it’s head, feet and beak still on.



About Sarah Raks

I am a bellydancer from the Netherlands.
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